Welcome to the Wireless and Embedded Sensing Systems Lab (WiESEL) at the University of Utah. Our lab is part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. WiESEL is engaged in the research and development of wireless embedded architectures and designs for large-scale sensing systems.

Feel free to look around, and if you have questions, please contact Prof. Thomas Schmid

Latest News

Conclusion of ECE/CS 5780/6780 - Final Project Results

03 May 2013

The Spring Semester is over, and the students did some fantastic work for their final projects in our Embedded Systems class. You can find all the projects on our server: Project Groups

My Students Won Best Demo at ACM SenSys'12

07 November 2012

My students won the Best Demo award at ACM SenSys for their work on Rapid Deployable System for Human Contact Network Research. Congratulations to Andrzej Forys, Anh Luong, Enoch Lee, Jon Davies, and Kyeong Min!

3D Printed Circuits Featured on Hack-A-Day

22 May 2012

Some of my student's Embedded Systems project got featured on Hack-A-Day. The full project description can be found on their Project Wiki. Congrats to Andrzej Forys, Anh Luong, and Jared Pringle.

RMP Clinic gets 2012 IEEE Best Student Paper Award

27 April 2012

The Rocky Mountain and Power Clinic won the 2012 IEEE Best Student Paper Award. Congrats to Shayan Barzegari, Skyler Kershner, Trevor Nichols, Zhao Qi, and Benjamin P. Sondelski! Final Report We also have a video of the system in action.

CDC Project has been Awarded

31 August 2011

Our CDC proposal to measure the contact network within Utah's school-age population has been awarded. See this fantastic KSL story to see what it is all about.

HiJack wins Michigan Mobile Applications Challenge

14 January 2011

HiJack won the Fall 2010 Michigan Mobile Application Challenge. Their application video can be found on YouTube and there is a website with their result.